Report on Think-Shoot-Distribute

The first stage of this years Think-Shoot-Distribute drew to a close last Friday and to sum up, if you are young producer, writer or director then apply for next years initiative. It is totally brilliant and very inspiring. The lovely guys at Atlantic Film Group, Nicole and Alan, run the event every year and do an amazing job. I am obviously coming from a producers point of view, but the insights you are given and the people you get to meet are fantastic. Every day focused on a specific part of the industry, whether it was finance, distribution or production. We had some amazing people come to speak to us and the best thing - everyone was very frank and honest, telling it like it is. Admittedly this is both inspirational and sometimes a little scary!

Those who came to speak to us included commissioners, top notch distributors and producers, world class strategists and marketing experts, awesome developers and editors, renowned actors and casting directors, as well as incredible directors and production designers. Not a single element of the film making process was over looked.

All of this before you even take into account your fellow participants. Everyone was very much at a similar stage in their careers though brilliantly everyone had come from very different backgrounds. So not only did you get leading professionals parting with invaluable advice you also got to build relationships with your peers - and really that is where its at. Tomorrows film industry.

So if you’re a young producer and want to get expert advice, make sure what you’re doing is right (!), meet your generation of film makers and be part of the London FIlm Festival then Think-Shoot-Distribute is for you.